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Have you got an outdoor staircase that you need to use, but your mobility has weakened?

Have you ever considered an outdoor stairlift?

Outdoor stair lifts in Lyde Green are great options for those that need the extra support getting from the top of the stairs to the bottom in external spaces.

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Our team have been installing stairlifts around the United Kingdom for over 12 years with a strong desire to ensure that everyone gets the help they need for utilising the space they have.

Continue reading this article to find out all about the services we offer, along with the prices, features, and benefits that you can experience!

What Is an Outdoor Stairlift?

An outdoor stairlift is a heavy duty mobility device that follows a rail up and down straight stairs and curved stairs (not the wall).

The external stairlifts that we install ensure an extremely strong support for all our customers and a weather resistant protective cover so that we can deliver you and your chair safely from the top to the bottom of the staircase.

An outdoor stairlift in Lyde Green is brilliant as it can be installed bespoke onto a curved and straight flight of outside stairs.

It is the perfect solution for those that only have external use access to get down stairs, that may not have considered that an outdoor stairlift exists.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose our amazing team when you are deciding to have a Lyde Green outdoor stairlift installation as we are stairlift industry leaders that have over 12 years of experience.

Our team works extremely hard to have the strongest knowledge about a weather resistant outdoor stairlift that has added protection, so that all of our customers get the greatest service available.

We have been praised greatly by all of our previous clients to state how pleased they were with our services and the extent our team goes to, to make sure all our lifts are independently tested for the purest safety.

Outdoor Stairlift Benefits

There are multiple benefits that arise from having a stairlift installed on your outdoor staircase that you might not have possibly considered.

Here are just a few of these advantages:

Safety Improvement

When somebody is struggling to walk up and down the staircase, it is important to realise that a stair lift will benefit them for their safety.

Having a stairlift on your external stairs can improve safety as there is no risk of slips and falls as the person using the device will be seated and strapped in.

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Slips and falls are extremely possible on outdoor staircases due to uncertain weather conditions. When rain, ice, or snow fall occurs slipping is extremely common- therefore- a protective cover on top of your external stairlift will help out.

We can also add additional safety features, such as safety sensors and a heavy duty lap harness that will give extra safety.

Restores independence

Many people that get a lift installed on their outdoor staircase are determined to have more independence as they may have required help getting up and down the stairs for a while.

It is also common for somebody returning home from hospital to get stairlifts for outside stairs, meaning that they have had little time alone- the stair lift will help them to feel like they have improved massively.

Allows you to stay home

This point follows on from the previous. If you have a lift installed by us on your outdoor staircases, you will be able to use rooms that are upstairs and downstairs.

This simply means that you do not need to stay in a different place where you might not be able to access a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or in this case even the garden.

Short term solution for an injury

The most common reason for buying a stair lifts is that somebody with limited mobility needs access up and down the stairs, however, outdoor stairlifts can also benefit those with an injury that will only need help whilst recovering.

This would allow you an option for stairlift rental. Renting a lift on your straight stairs or curved stairs is a great option for those needing help for a short period of time.

Weather resistance

Our team provides a weather resistant feature, such as a protective cover from the top of the stairs to the bottom, so that you are not only out of the rain but also UV protected.

The drive rack follows the staircase and not the wall, so that all the features of the installation will be hidden from the weather conditions due to the cover- meaning that the machinery will last a long time, due to not being worn out.

Are My Stairs Right for an Outdoor Stairlift?

If you are unsure if your stairs are correct for an outdoor stair lift, check out our bulleted list below:

  • If your stairs are made of wood, metal, tiles, or concrete.

  • If there actually is no clear landing area at the top or the bottom of your stair case.

  • If you have a spiral staircase.

  • If you have a landing break in the middle of your stairs.

  • If your stairs pan over multiple floors.

  • If you have a specific obstacle, such as a radiator, on your stair case.

  • If you have a narrow, wide, short or long stair case.

In more than any likely case, your stair case will be perfect for an outdoor staircase.

Out team works incredibly hard to make sure that we can deliver a service to every customer in need of a stair lift in Lyde Green RG27 0, therefore, you should not worry about whether your staircase is correct.

How Much Is an Outdoor Stairlift?

The stair lifts we install outside will normal begin at a price of £4,000.

Being a heavy duty service, the stairlift is slightly more pricey than a normal straight stair lift.

This type of stairlift still offers all the essentials, such as remote controls, swivel seats for easy transport and a lap harness.

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If you are wanting to get some extra features added on to your stairlift in Lyde Green, such as extra weather protection, you should expect to pay a slightly higher price than usual.

If your staircase is much larger than a normal outdoor staircase, you should also expect to pay more than the original asking price.

Get in touch with our reliable team today to receive a free outdoor stairlift quote.

Types of Outdoor Stairlifts We Offer

All of our customers are amazed at the different stairlifts for outdoor usage in Lyde Green RG27 0 that we offer.

In fact, many people do not even realise that there are different types available!

Here are some of the stairlifts we can offer you:

New Outdoor Stairlifts

A new outdoor stairlift is what it says on the tin!

This type of stairlift is a brand new, never been used before, device that allows customers- like you- to have a smooth ride up and down the stairs.

This service is brilliant for those with a lack of mobility, that need a long lasting stairlift.

Out of our outdoor stairlift types, this is one of the most expensive types.

Reconditioned Outdoor Stairlifts

A reconditioned stairlift is one that is a second hand device.

Typically, we recommend this type of stairlift to those looking for a cheaper service or those that have a short term injury that need a stairlift for a limited time only.

This stairlift, although completely reconditioned, will not have a life span as long as a new outdoor stairlift as it has already had one life from a previous customer that no longer has any use for it.

This is the cheapest form of outdoor stairlift.

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Bespoke Outdoor Stairlifts

A bespoke outdoor stairlift in Lyde Green is completely designed by you with additional features to ensure that the service you are wanting is an absolutely perfect solution.

We would recommend bespoke stairlifts to those that need extra protection, or has a troubling staircase layout that needs some additional help.


Here are a few of the very many positive testimonials we have gained throughout our 12 years of working with external stairlifts:

"I got in touch with this team and didn't expect to receive an update so quickly about the work I was going to have done. They showed up to my property promptly and examined my outdoor spaces to see if it fit the European safety standard. The outdoor stairlift they installed has had absolutely no issues at all, I am very impressed."

"Definitely recommending this group of outdoor stairlift installers, they are very knowledgeable- being able to answer all my questions about how the outdoor stair case would work with the stair lift."

"Very quick and reliable team. They have shown me absolutely no reason to not trust them. I needed an outdoor stairlift with a weather resistant outdoor cover as my mobility had weakened and struggled to use my stairlift in poor weather conditions. The waterproof cover is amazing, meaning I can use my outdoor stairlift all year round."


How Long Does It Take to Fit an Outdoor Stairlift?

To complete the installation of an outdoor stairlift, you should expect this to take an average of two to three hours.

If you have any additional features added on to the stairlift, the process could take a slightly longer time, however, it will never take longer than a day to install.

How Long Do Outdoor Stairlifts Last?

A stairlift will generally last up to 10 years without having any faults or issues occurring, however, this is completely dependable on hw=ow you treat the stair lift.

We would recommend a protective cover on your outdoor stairlift to prevent rusting on the machinery that can cause the lift to have issues working.


If you are considering an outdoor stairlift in Lyde Green RG27 0, do not hesitate to contact our reputable team today.

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