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Stairlift Replacement

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Getting your stairlift replaced can seem daunting, however, with stairlift replacements being one of our specialist services, we can provide this for you easily!

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Whether you need a full stairlift replacing, or simply a battery change, our team can offer the perfect stairlift replacement services for you .

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Why Choose Us?

We are a hard working, industry leading company that works all across the United Kingdom installing stairlifts, repairing stairlifts and replacing stairlifts throughout .

We have been working in this particular industry for over 12 years now, giving our team the correct amount of knowledge needed to ensure that every stairlift we work with is to perfect condition.

Whether you are unsure on the stair lift battery, the power supply needed, wondering why your battery is not charging properly, or any other queries- our impressive team can answer!

We are determined to be the greatest stairlift company, and with our strongly compiled list of testimonials we have gained throughout our years of instalment- we can proudly say we are industry leading!

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Signs You May Need a Stair Lift Replacement

If you are reading this article, there is every chance that you might be convinced you need a new stairlift .

You should know that there are many different reasons a person might need a stairlift replacement.

Reading this list below will help you to understand if you need to get your stairlift replaced by our amazing stairlift technician:

Unusual Stairlift Movements

If your stairlift is moving in unusual ways you should definitely get in touch with our team today.

We can analyse the issue and discuss with you what the issue might be.

When your stairlift is not moving how it should be, we would definitely advise a replacement.

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Stairlift Scraping Sound

Scraping sounds with your stairlift could be affecting your surrounding areas, which could, in turn, lead to your property being damaged.

Getting your scraping sounds sorted can prevent any further issues you might experience.

Stairlift Exposed Wiring

Any exposed wiring is an issue.

When you have a wire out in the open, this can be an extreme safety problem as people might trip over the wire or cause electrical issues with water exposure or potential animals chewing the wires.

Any Other Signs of Damage

Any other sign of damage that you might be experience, such as faulty seating, usual charging point not working, or regular power outage, you should get in touch with our team straight away!

Leaving any damaged electricals can cause some serious safety issues.

Stairlift Replacement Costs

A stairlift replacement will cost around £3,000 as this is the normal price of a stairlift.

Replacing your stairlift can often be a costly process due to needing to get a whole new stairlift.

You will find that the price of replacing your stairlift will differ depending on the stairlift you want installed.

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There are a variety of stairlifts you can have replaced, such as straight stairlifts, curved stairlifts, or second hand reconditioned stairlifts (which is the cheaper option).

You might only need a replacement of stairlift batteries, which will cost less than a whole stairlift replacement.

What Influences The Price Of Stairlift Replacement?

The price of a stairlift replacement can be influenced by a number of different factors.

These particular factors consist of:

  • The amount of damage you have

  • The size of the stairlift you want to replace

  • The space required

  • The different type of stairlift required, e.g heavy duty, outdoor stair lifts, etc.

Stairlift Replacement Benefits

There are plenty of benefits that you could experience when you replace your stairlift with our team.

Here are some of the amazing advantages that come from replacing your stair lift today:

  • Your new stairlift will function properly- having a properly functioning stairlift will prevent any worries that you might have about your stairlift stopping half way on its journey.

  • Warranty on your new stair lift

  • No more safety concerns- safety is the most important feature when you are thinking about a stairlift instalment.

  • The latest in stairlift technology- modern stairlifts will have the greatest batteries meaning they will charge quicker than the usual pace!

To experience these great benefits, you should get in touch with our amazing team today!

How Long Does It Take To Replace a Stairlift?

Say it will often take around 4-6 hours to properly replace an old stairlift with a new one, then go on to say how we're experienced professionals etc

Stairlift Specialists

We pride ourselves on the amazing testimonials we have gained throughout our twelve years of service.

Being industry leading professionals, it is absolutely no surprise that we have gathered so many five star reviews that outline our incredibly strong knowledge on the industry and how hard working our team truly is.

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We work hard to ensure that all of our customers receive the best possible outcome and are wanting to recommend our team to their friends and family.

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Are stair lifts easy to remove?

Stairlift removals are not the most difficult service, however, we would always recommend that you get a professional (like our team) to provide this for you.

Can I install a stairlift myself?

We would always advise for you to get a stairlift technician to provide installation for a stairlift.

This is purely due to wanting you to have the best possible stairlift that will have the longest life span.

What is the life of a stair lift?

The typical life span of a stair lift is 10 years.

If you look after your stairlift properly and get it installed by a licensed professional (our team) you will be sure to have a long living stair lift.

What can I do with my old stairlift?

You can donate your old stairlift to our company!

We are proud to state that we make a life span out of one stairlift into two!

We install second hand stairlifts to many different properties to reduce waste and always make sure that the stairlift is back up to its highest standard.


If you are interested in having your stairlift replaced, we would highly recommend that you get in touch with our company today.

Choosing the right company for a job like this can be incredibly difficult as you will be determined to get the best possibly outcome for your money.

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With a team like ours, that have been working in the industry for over 12 years, you will never be let down!

Get in touch today and replace your stairlift!

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