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Are you looking to have a stairlift installed at your property, but you feel as though it would be impossible because of your narrow stairs?

Do not fret... our company specialise in installing stairlifts for narrow stairs in Clackmannan and we are determined to fit yours too!

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With over 12 years of experience being stairlift manufacturers and installers in the industry, our hard working team work to understand everything there is to know about stairlifts.

We have experience installing stairlifts for narrow staircases in Clackmannan, and always receive the best reviews for our work.

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What Is a Narrow Stairlift?

A narrow stairlift is a typical stairlift that will be installed onto a narrow staircase.

It is incredibly common for older houses to have narrow and steep staircases that a normal straight or curved stairlift is not suitable for.

If your property has a narrow staircase, it would be extremely fitting for you to have this form of stairlift installed by us.

We understand the measurements needed and all of the valuable points regarding the installation, that we can share with you so that you feel confident working with us.

There are different options that can be chosen when you are contemplating getting a narrow stairlift installed at your home in Clackmannan. Continue reading this article to find out more about what we can provide for you.

Why Choose Us?

With over 12 years of experience in the stairlift industry, we wouldn't recommend you to look anywhere else other than our company!

We have installed hundreds of different stairlifts in Clackmannan in our time, including curved stairlifts, straight stairlifts, standing stairlifts, outdoor stairlifts and so many more!

We have compiled a long list of five star reviews and positive commendations from previous customers that have all had such brilliant experiences with our hard working team.

We are always strongly determined to achieve the greatest results and deliver the best instalment for your property, ensuring a long life span and a smooth ride up and down the stairs.

Whether you have a narrow curved staircase or narrow straight stairs, no other stairlift companies or stairlift suppliers will install and reassure you the way that our team can!

Narrow Stairlift Benefits

There are multiple benefits that arise from having a stairlift installed on your narrow staircase in Clackmannan FK10 4 that you might not have possibly considered.

Here are just a few of these advantages:

Safety Improvement

When somebody is struggling to walk up and down the staircase, it is important to realise that a stair lift will benefit them for their safety.

Having a stairlift on your narrow stairs can improve safety as there is no risk of slips and falls as the person using the device will be seated and strapped in.

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Narrow stairs will often be paired with extras such as a perch seat/ perch stairlift as the minimum width means that there is not enough space for a full conventional seated stairlift.

We can also add additional safety features for our narrow stairlifts in Clackmannan, such as safety sensors that will give extra safety.

Be sure to learn more about our bespoke stairlifts we offer if you're interested.

Restores independence

Many people that get a lift installed on their narrow staircase in Clackmannan are determined to have more independence as they may have required help getting up and down the stairs for a while.

It is also common for somebody returning home from hospital to get stairlifts for narrow stairs, meaning that they have had little time alone- the stair lift will help them to feel like they have improved massively.

Allows you to stay home

This point follows on from the previous. If you have a lift installed by us on your narrow staircases, you will be able to use rooms that are upstairs and downstairs.

This simply means that you do not need to stay in a different place where you might not be able to access a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Short term solution for an injury

The most common reason for buying a stair lifts is that somebody with limited mobility needs access up and down the stairs, however, narrow stairlifts can also benefit those with an injury that will only need help whilst recovering.

This would allow you an option for stairlift rental. Renting a lift on your straight stairs is a great option for those needing help for a short period of time.

Are My Stairs Right for a Narrow Stairlift?

A normal stairlift will need a minimum width of 73cm. If the width of your stairs is smaller than this, you will be considered to have narrow stairs.

If you have narrow stairs, you can have a perch seat installed to ensure that you have enough room to move around the stairlift as well as being able to use the lift properly.

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If you have narrow curved stairs, you can also have a smaller curved stairlift installed in Clackmannan. You should not rule out any form of stairlift due to the sizing of your space.

As a company that desires to make every company pleased with the final result, we want to reassure you that we can look at the dimensions available and work as stairlift manufactures to fit the perfect lift for you.

Check our list below to see if your stairs are fitting for a narrow stairlift:

  • If your stairs are made of wood, metal, tiles, or concrete.

  • If there actually is no clear landing area at the top or the bottom of your stair case.

  • If you have a spiral staircase.

  • If you have a landing break in the middle of your stairs.

  • If your stairs pan over multiple floors.

  • If you have a specific obstacle, such as a radiator, on your stair case.

  • If you have a narrow, wide, short or long stair case.

How Much Is a Narrow Stairlift?

The cost of a narrow stair lift will usually start at an average of £2,000.

Stairlifts for narrow stairs are typically a smaller price range due to having a slim rail and not having the full seat.

If you were to get any additional features on to your perch stairlifts/ narrow stairs, you will be expected to pay a further amount.

Extra features, although more expensive, are recommended by us due to giving extra safety.

Types of Narrow Stairlifts We Offer

There are a handful of narrow stairlifts we can offer to our customers, like you.

Many people are shocked and surprised when they find out there are actually more than one type of narrow seated stairlift, and stairlift manufacturers for over 12 years we know exactly which niche stairlift would be suited for you.

Continue reading to view the various types of stairlifts we have on offer for you to make sure that, as a stairlift user, you will get the best fit.

New Narrow Stairlifts

A new narrow stairlift is a bespoke, brand new lift type that can be installed on a staircase that has a smaller surface area that the usual minimum width.

These types of stairlift can also involve perch stairlifts and can be installed on straight or narrow curved stairs in Clackmannan FK10 4.

New narrow stairlifts are the most expensive type when considering narrow stairs.

Reconditioned Narrow Stairlifts

A reconditioned stairlift for narrow stairs is a second hand stairlift.

This stairlift will typically have been used before and the previous owner no longer needs the stairlift.

We ensure that the stairlift is working completely and we will check all of the machinery for a smooth ride!

This is the cheapest type of narrow stairlift. You might find that the life span is slightly smaller than a brand new bespoke stairlift, however, it will still last you a suprisingly long time!

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Narrow Stair Lift Experts

After 12 years of hard work in this industry, we are proud to announce that we are complete experts!

We have designed and installed hundreds of stairlifts in Clackmannan with our brilliantly knowledgeable team.

We want to continue fitting a bespoke rail system with a perfect fit along an individual staircase wall, therefore, you should get in touch with us today so we can do just that for you!

There is no point waiting around... you won't want to miss out on our expert services.


I did not expect to meet such a friendly and polite team. I have had a stairlift installed bya different team before and needed a new one so reached out and this team were incredible. They fitted by narrow stairlift very quickly.

I did not know that my staircase was smaller than the minimum width so I was concerned that I was not going to be able to get a suitable stairlift, but they assured me that I could get a narrow stairlift installed and now I can go up and down the stairs all the time.

Five stars for this expert team! I had many questions and they could answer in an instant! I was extremeley grateful for the service provided and will definitely be recommending to all of my friends.


How Long Does It Take to Fit a Narrow Stairlift?

The installation process of a narrow stairlift will not take any long than 3 hours.

We would average this around 2 hours, howver, with some added safety extras, you can find that it will take a slighlty longer time.

We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient installations.

How Long Do Narrow Stairlifts Last?

Stairlifts that we install will typically last up to 10 years when used properly.

If you use your narrow stairlift constantly, the life span might be slighlty less than the typical usage.

You will also find that a reconditioned stairlift will also have a smaller life span due to it already having one, but we always make sure that the second hand stairlift have been completely re done with machinery so that you can get the most out of it.


If you are looking for a trusty stairlift that can be installed on a narrow staircase in Clackmannan, you seriously should not look any further than us!

We want to install the perfect design for you that can last you an incredibly long time.

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Having 12 years of experience and a long lists of 5 star reviews and positive commendations, we know that we can install the best stairlift in the United Kingdom.

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