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When searching for the a stairlift for your property in Wootton, it is important that you have the correct one installed.

Looking for efficient and stunning designs in a subtle and stylish manner, with a quiet and smooth operation can be a real challenge.

You can be assured, that with our incredibly experienced team, we know exactly which stairlift will be perfect for you.

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If you are looking for a stronger type of stairlift with the very same features of a normal lift, we would advise a heavy duty stairlift to you.

We have been installing stairlifts in Wootton MK43 9 for over 12 years and our ever growing team of installer and manufacturers are constantly striving to impress all of our amazing customers.

Continue reading this article to find out all about the Wootton heavy duty stairlifts we install and the components around it.

What Is a Heavy Duty Stairlift?

A heavy duty stairlift is a typical stairlift that can uphold a strong weight capacity.

These stair lifts are popular for those looking for a wider seat and adjustable arm with improved stability.

You are able to access a tailored track with our services, such a compact design or stunning honeycomb rail design with an unparalleled performance.

Heavy duty stairlifts ensure that they are fully inclusive, so that anybody that has limited mobility that desires to go up and down their stair case can do son.

Why Choose Us?

When you are deciding upon getting a heavy duty stairlift installed at your property in Wootton, you should definitely work with our team!

After 12 years of installing, designing, and manufacturing stairlift types, especially heavy duty stairlifts, we believe that our team has all the expertise that is needed for a perfect installation.

We are industry leaders that are passionate to learn more about the stairlifts that we install and how they can benefit people like you.

We have tonnes of knowledge behind this industry, and want to be able to transfer this over to you- we can answer all of your questions!

We have been praised greatly by all of our previous clients to state how pleased they were with our services and the extent our team goes to, to make sure all our lifts are independently tested for the purest safety.

Heavy Duty Stairlift Benefits

There are multiple benefits that arise from having a stairlift installed on your staircase that you might not have possibly considered.

Here are just a few of these advantages:

Safety Improvement

When somebody is struggling to walk up and down the staircase, it is important to realise that a stair lift will benefit them for their safety.

Having a stairlift on your stairs can improve safety as there is no risk of slips and falls as the person using the device will be seated and strapped in..

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We can also add additional safety features, such as safety sensors and a heavy duty lap harness that will give extra safety.

We can also offer additional heavy duty batteries.

Restores independence

Many people that get a lift installed on their staircase are determined to have more independence as they may have required help getting up and down the stairs for a while.

It is also common for somebody returning home from hospital to get stairlifts for stairs, meaning that they have had little time alone- the stair lift will help them to feel like they have improved massively.

Allows you to stay home

This point follows on from the previous. If you have a lift installed by us on your staircases, you will be able to use rooms that are upstairs and downstairs.

This simply means that you do not need to stay in a different place where you might not be able to access a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even the garden.

Short term solution for an injury

The most common reason for buying a stair lift in Wootton MK43 9 is that somebody with limited mobility needs access up and down the stairs, however, heavy duty stairlifts can also benefit those with an injury that will only need help whilst recovering.

This would allow you an option for stairlift rental. Renting a lift on your straight stairs or curved stairs is a great option for those needing help for a short period of time.

Are My Stairs Right for a Heavy Duty Stairlift?

If you are unsure if your stairs are correct for a heavy duty stair lift, check out our bulleted list below:

  • If your stairs are made of wood, metal, tiles, or concrete.

  • If there actually is no clear landing area at the top or the bottom of your stair case.

  • If you have a spiral staircase.

  • If you have a landing break in the middle of your stairs.

  • If your stairs pan over multiple floors.

  • If you have a specific obstacle, such as a radiator, on your stair case.

  • If you have a narrow, wide, short or long stair case.

It is way more than likely that your stair case will be suitable for a heavy duty stair case as our team works incredibly hard to make sure that every stair case can be provided with limited mobility access.

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We understand how frustrating it can be to be denied a stairlift, but with our company, you should be confident in knowing that we will do everything in our power to grant you a heavy duty staircase in Wootton.

How Much Is a Heavy Duty Stairlift?

The average price of a heavy duty stair lift in the United Kingdom is £3,000 to £4,000, however, we advise you to keep a budget open up to £6,000.

We advise this, simply because many people decide to get some additional extras on to the stairlift to help with safety (recommended by us, also).

You can also find that some variable factors will change the pricing of your stairlift in Wootton MK43 9, such as the size of your stairs, the access, and the weight specifics needed for instalment.

Types of Heavy Duty Stairlifts We Offer

Many people are shocked at the wide variety of stairlifts that are on offer with our company, but after installing these mobility lifts in Wootton for over 12 years- it should be expected that we have so much on offer!

We are always working hard to make sure that every stair lift installed is as uniquely suitable to each customer.

New Heavy Duty Stairlifts

A new heavy duty stairlift is the basic design that holds a stronger force.

We would advise a heavy duty stairlift to those that would like a larger and stronger lift.

This particular design that we can install is a popular one that is typically more expensive that a straight staircase, however, it will have a must more robust structure to it.

Reconditioned Heavy Duty Stairlifts

A reconditioned heavy duty stairlift is a second hand lift that has previously had a life with one customer that will not need the lift any more.

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Due to being second handed, you might expect for the stair lift to not have as much life in it- however- we will do everything we can to make sure that you get the most out of it.

This is the cheaper option for a heavy duty stairlift.

Bespoke Heavy Duty Stairlifts

A bespoke design for heavy duty stairlifts represent a completely unique design that is suitable for you.

Many people choose this option when they have obstacles in the way of stairs.


Over our 12 years of working as stairlift industry leaders, we have compiled a grand list of positive feedback. Here are just a few of the amazing testimonials we have gathered:

"Being a larger weight capacity, it was noted to be that I would need a stronger lift to help me up and down the stairs. I was introduced to this company and they helped to show me the exact heavy duty stairlift that was perfect for me. Ir was identical to the stairlift I had in mind at first- just the heavy duty version!"

"Very quick installation team. I thought with being a heavy duty straight stairlift that it might be a much longer time to assess the space and build, however, I was shocked to see that in only 3 hours with an express delivery my new heavy duty stairlift was ready!"

"My heavy duty stairlift has lasted more than a decade with this company. They are the most reliable stairlifts I have ever seen, with a unique weight capacity on a highly robust machine. I am still massively impressed with this team, and if I ever need to replace my stairlift I will be reaching out here."

"The stairlift engineers that installed my heavy duty stairlift were very knowledgeable and I can tell why they are a market leader! They could tell me all of the stairlift model names and all the internal components."


How Long Does It Take to Fit a Heavy Duty Stairlift?

To fit a heavy duty stairlift, you should be expecting to be waiting around 2 to 3 hours until you are able to use the device.

Our high quality stairlifts are installed onto your curved or straight rail in the quickest time frame possible.

We offer an express delivery with the fittings delivery also.

If you are having any additional extras or upgraded internal components added on to your stairlift, the time scale of instalment may be slightly longer than usual, however, you can be assured that you will never be waiting longer than a day.

How Long Do Heavy Duty Stairlifts Last?

A heavy duty stairlift should last up to at least 10 years.

We expect a decade of life to be lived through this mobility device, however, it will be completely dependable on the way you use the stairlift.

The more you use your heavy duty stairlift, the more likely it is to wear down- however- it should still last you a very long time!


If you are considering a heavy duty stairlift for your property in Wootton, we would advise you to get in touch with our team as soon as possible!

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