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Are you looking to have a stairlift installed?

Do you feel as though you cant have one because you have curved stairs?

This is not the case! With our 12 years of expertise as stairlift installers in Pembrokeshire, we can assure you that there is a bespoke stairlift available for you that will suit your needs.

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If you were not aware already, there are actually a specific type of stair lift, known as a curved stairlift.

Whether you have spiral staircases or slightly curved stairs, we can make sure you have a smooth ride from top to bottom!

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What Is a Curved Stairlift?

A curved stair lift is a specific stairlift installation that follows a single rail system up and down curved staircases.

Our curved stair cases in Pembrokeshire are custom made for each client to ensure that you have a bespoke design that can not only suit your home decor so there are no clash points, but also fulfil your mobility needs.

There is a high possibility that you have seen or heard of straight stair lifts, but you might not have been aware that curved stairlifts are available to you in Pembrokeshire and can make your lift 10 times easier!

Why Use Us?

There are hundreds of stairlift companies in and around the United Kingdom, however, it would be incredibly surprising if you were to find a company with better reviews than us!

We are an industry leading stairlift solutions company that have over 12 years of experience installing curved stairlifts in Pembrokeshire.

Our strongly determined and hard working team aspire to achieve the greatest outcome for all of our customers.

We believe that with the amazing five star reviews we have compiled over the past decade, you would have absolutely no reason not to trust us as a reputable stairlift company!

Our team has knowledge of a variety of stairlifts that we offer, therefore, no matter if you have narrow staircases and need a narrow stairlift, spiral staircases, or intermediate landings- we can install a stairlift for your individual staircase.

Get in touch with us today to get the best curved stairlift in Pembrokeshire.

Curved Stairlift Benefits

There are plenty of benefits that arise from having a curved stairlift installed by our amazing team.

Here are just a few advantages to list:

Safety Improvement

When somebody is struggling to walk up and down the staircase, it is important to realise that a stair lift will benefit them for their safety.

Having a stairlift on your curved stairs can improve safety as there is no risk of slips and falls as the person using the device will be seated and strapped in.

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Curved stairs are known to be more dangerous than a straight staircase as the curvature makes the surface area of the stairs smaller.

When you have a curved stairlift in Pembrokeshire, you are granted a smooth ride without the risk of missing steps.

We can also add additional safety features, such as safety sensors that will give extra safety.

Restores independence

Many people that get a lift installed on their staircase are determined to have more independence as they may have required help getting up and down the stairs for a while.

It is also common for somebody returning home from hospital to get a curved stair lift, meaning that they have had little time alone- the stair lift will help them to feel like they have improved massively.

Allows you to stay home

This point follows on from the previous. If you have a lift installed by us on your curved staircase, you will be able to use rooms that are upstairs and downstairs.

This simply means that you do not need to stay in a different place where you might not be able to access a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Short term solution for an injury

The most common reason for buying a stair lifts is that somebody with limited mobility needs access up and down the stairs, however, curved stairlifts can also benefit those with an injury that will only need help whilst recovering.

This would allow you an option for stairlift rental. Renting a lift on your straight stairs is a great option for those needing help for a short period of time.

Are My Stairs Right for a Curved Stairlift?

If you are confused whether your staircase is right for curved stairlifts, check out our list below:

  • If your stairs are made of wood, metal, tiles, or concrete.

  • If there actually is no clear landing area at the top or the bottom of your stair case.

  • If you have a spiral staircase.

  • If you have a landing break in the middle of your stairs.

  • If your stairs pan over multiple floors.

  • If you have a specific obstacle, such as a radiator, on your stair case.

  • If you have a narrow, wide, short or long stair case.

If you have any of the features above... we can install a stairlift that will be perfectly bespoke for you.

You should not have to worry about whether you can get a stairlift, especially if you are worried about your mobility.

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How Much Is a Curved Stairlift?

Curved stairlifts are typically one of the more expensive stairlifts that we offer.

These will normally range from £3,700 upwards.

The price that you pay for your curved stairlift will differ, depending on some variables and additional features you may have added on.

Features are optional, but we do advise these for added safety and protection. Some features are compulsory when you have obstacles, however.

If you have a radiator throughout your staircase, a feature such as a drop nose will be necessary as the single rail system can not go through this and will need to go round.

Learn more about the cost of all stairlifts here.

Types of Curved Stairlifts We Offer

There are actually a handful of great types of curved stairlifts in Pembrokeshire that we can offer you.

Many people are surprised that there is even one type of stairlift, but as a leading company, we understand that it is essential to have the best suited design for a long lasting transportation.

Here are a few curved stairlifts we can offer you:

New Curved Stairlifts

New curved stairlifts are those which have never been used before, meaning that you will be the first owner and its machinery will be top of the range.

This is our most popular style of stairlift as people tend to want their machine to last as long as possible.

Reconditioned Curved Stairlifts

A reconditioned stairlift is a second hand device, meaning it has previously been owned by somebody else who no longer had the use for it.

We will always ensure that with a reconditioned stairlift, all the machinery works brilliantly, so that you can have as long out of it as possible.

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We believe that this is one of the greatest types of stairlift that we offer. Not only does it work just as well as a new stairlift (because we exchange parts and adjust it to suit you) but, it also works out as a cheaper method!

This is a great option if you are looking for a budget friendly staircase transportation device.

Bespoke Curved Stairlifts

A bespoke curved stairlift is completely designed by you.

Being bespoke, we want to ensure that this device is totally yours and you get to decide exactly how it looks and the features included.

Being bespoke, usually this entails a slightly more expensive feat, however, it is completely worth it as it will be designed to suit you and only you!

Curved Stair Lift Experts

After 12 years of hard work in this industry, we are proud to announce that we are complete experts!

We have designed and installed hundreds of stairlifts all throughout Pembrokeshire with our brilliantly knowledgeable team.

We want to continue fitting a bespoke rail system with a perfect fit along an individual staircase wall, therefore, you should get in touch with us today so we can do just that for you!

There is no point waiting around... you won't want to miss out on our expert services.


I had a curved stairlift installed for my husband after he came out of hospital by this team. I did not think that it would be possible to have a stairlift as my stairs follow a curve, but these guys did a perfect job at installing and explaining the process to me. Ive not had any issues at all.

Really recommend this company. The team are really interested in the industry, which helps you to believe that the outcome will be impressive... it definitely was. Installed super quickly and efficiently.

Such a friendly group of people, made me feel very calm and assured when they were fitting my curved stairlift. I got a second hand design and I have not had any problems. The price was amazing, compared to other companies.


How Long Does It Take to Fit a Curved Stairlift?

To fit a curved stairlift, this will usually take around 2 to 3 hours on average.

If you have decided to have to additional extras added on to your design, you might find that this will take a slightly longer time to install.

You will never be waiting longer than a day for our installations. We attempt to be a quick and efficient as we possibly can so that you can get moving up and down the stairs in an instant.

How Long Do Curved Stairlifts Last?

Curved stairlifts usually last around 10 years before needing any sort of work being done to it.

If you have a reconditioned lift, this might be a slightly shorter time frame as it has already had one life span.

If you look after your stairlift properly, it should last a very long time!

It will depend on how much you use your stairlift as well. If you are constantly using the lift, it may get less dependable quicker.


If you are looking for a trusty stairlift company in Pembrokeshire that can install curved staircases, you seriously should not look any further than us!

We want to install the perfect design for you that can last you an incredibly long time.

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